Quick-Connection Interface (QCI)

Our Robot uses a specially-designed QCI, which stands for Quick-Connection Interface. This drop-in system effortlessly aligns the gears on the top of the robot with the gears on the attachment to transfer the motion of the motor to power the movement of the attachment. Guides incorporated into the attachment design ensure precise placement and stabilize the attachment.

Below are our robot attachments with a brief description

Attachment for Mission 1 - 2

 This is the first run we do. This attachment has a linear actuator that activates mission 1, 3D Cinema. On the linear actuator is a one-way lever that pushes the handles down and passes the frame of the Cinema. Then it uses its capture bearing to lock on to the base of mission 2, Theater Scene Change. Its forty-five-degree angle will push the orange lever that will knock down the red flag and change the color from blue to pink. Then heads back to the left base.

Attachment for Mission 8 - 9

This is the second run we do. This attachment activates part of mission 8, Rolling Camera. This attachment has two arms and half of a capture bearing. The capture bearing rides along the wall as we take off of the left base. One of the arms hits the orange lever to let the camera roll into the highest amount of points. The second arm grabs the ring of the mission 9, Movie Set. It will drag the boat across the mat and put the camera ring into the film. Then it heads into the left base.

 Attachment for Mission 10

This is the third run we do. This attachment is passive, which means it does not need a motor. It activates mission 10, Sound Mixer. The robot pushes the attachment into the mission, which lifts the sliders up to the top. Then it turns right to drop the left most slider first then the middle and finally the right most. Then heads back to the left base.

 Basket Attachment for Mission 10

This is the fourth run we do. The flat plate on the Attachment for the Third run is lifted up and the additional part will slide into the slot underneath the plate. The robot will slide the basket into the movie slate section. Then it drives to the right base.

Delivery Attachment for Mission 10 

This is part of the fourth run we do. It is very simple. One of the audience members goes in the bottom slot and the delivery person that we picked up from run 1 goes on the top. Then it slides in the open slot from the first additional part.

Attachment for Mission 5 -  7, 13

This is the fifth run we do. It pushes in mission 13, Craft Creator. Then pushes mission 7 and activates the sound and lights from mission 6. Then makes the orange lever on mission 13, Augmented Reality in a 180-degree turn.