Coach Pearce

  Pearce Augustenborg, the Edison Ford Winter Estates Education Manager and our Head Coach, won the 2023 State Coach/Mentor Award in addition to the 2022 Regional Coach/Mentor Award. Having worked with FIRST and mentored FLL and FTC teams since 2011, he began the Assembly Required team in 2018. He also writes the curriculum and teaches the Summer Camp and other education programs at the Edison Ford Winter Estates.

Coach Shelby

Shelby Baucom has coached the team since Assembly Required began in 2018. With over 25 years of formal and informal science education experience including robotics and engineering workshops, competitions, and events, plus 10 years working with FIRST, she was honored with the 2023 Regional FLL Coach/Mentor Award as well as the 2022 Volunteer Award for her work to support and enable growth in the Southwest Florida area. She mentors and supports other local teams, also.